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System Engineer

15:41 - 28/02/2018
Service: IT

Belga News Agency is the main source and key player in the Belgian landscape of (news) media. Our editorial teams (not you) are producing news around the clock, both from our offices in Brussels and Sydney. Our IT team has a central role in processing and distributing this ocean of information. The good news: we are hiring!


In short: you are one of the responsible for daily maintenance and management of our servers, network, computers, mobile phones and basically any other in-house technology. Together with your colleagues you are guaranteeing everyone at Belga can do their job thanks to a flawless, well-functioning and safe IT environment throughout the company.

You are solving general 1st and 2nd level problems, however for some parts of our technology stack you are evolving, through training, to a true specialist who acts as the key knowledge person for these particular technologies.

You will be part of a small team with loads of enthusiasm, which is self-organizing for many things like holiday and stand-by planning. You will take turns in our 24/7 standby team of 4. When it’s your turn, your phone remains switched on at home.

Pro-actively you are improving how rock solid our systems are today and tomorrow.  Our kind CIO will be the one you are directly reporting to.


- You’re a Swiss army knife when it comes to different technologies. Your knowledge: Linux, Unix (Solaris), Windows, Mac OS X, Windows Server, Active Directory, Virtualisation (Oracle Virtual Machine OVM, Docker, Containers, Danube), Network topology, DNS, DHCP, VoIP, OSI-layers, NAS/SAN, databases (Oracle, MySQL), MS Dynamics, Office 365, iOS, Android, Slack.

- You have a Bachelor’s degree in information technology and/or sufficient knowledge about our stack. We aim for two- to five years of relevant experience.

- You’re fluent in Dutch, French and English. You know how to answer a phone call.

- You know how to run and program perl or bash scripts for some automation purposes.

- You are willing to take turns in our 24/7 stand-by.

- You keep your cool when things get stressful, you stay positive while getting in touch with all kinds of problems and different personalities.

- Your work is detailed and maintains high quality. You have strong analytical skills.

- You are not afraid of solving a complicated problem or two.

- You’re always up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the wonderful world of information technology ;-).


You can count on us for a challenging environment within a small, dynamic team with a professional yet young culture. Belga News Agency benefits of an interesting size; we’re both small enough to be fun and flexible, and large enough to power an impressive IT infrastructure.

Last but not least: yes, you get paid. We provide cherries on top!


Send us your CV (jobs@belga.be) and why we should hire you!



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